It was my first day on the job and in the secular world.  I had worked in a para-church ministry for seven years where we lived and breathed serving God and helping others.  I was shocked when one of the first people I met was a man that had been a youth pastor, and that freely played his Christian music in front of others.  I thought wow!  There are fellow brothers and sisters in the secular world.  This won’t be so bad.

This man later left this position.  Come to find out that he wasn’t doing his job.  He just didn’t do the work.  He did some work while playing his Christian music, but he neglected most of it.  He wasn’t trusted.  People were pretty sure he wasn’t doing the work he was supposed to be doing, and the work he did do was poor.

I am a sinner too so I understand the struggle to be an employee with integrity, but to boast of playing your Christian music and then steal time from your employer is a disgrace to Christ, and to the church.  No wonder the church looks so ineffective.  We are.

What good is your Jesus if He doesn’t cause you to do good work, do the work you are supposed to do, and to be trusted.  What good is your faith?  How foolish is your Christian music?  Why would you share about your youth pastor days and then neglect the work God has provided you?  What kind of church leader goes into the world and becomes the worst employee?

Please Don’t Call Yourself a Christian…..

One of the most shocking things I have found in the secular world is so many people who tout their church attendance, but then demonstrate absolutely no love or concern about Jesus Christ, His commands, His Word, or trying just to live the Christian life.

Please don’t call yourself a Christian if you aren’t.  Please don’t call yourself a Christian if you plan on stealing from your employer, putting no integrity in your work or plan to be dishonest.  It just puts the church and Christ to shame.

I am not afraid to tell you I am a Christian.  It’s not because I am sinless, it’s because I am trying with all my heart to demonstrate integrity, honesty, and serve my employer and meet their needs.  When I do sin–I ask for forgiveness, and I repent.  I turn from it and towards Christ like living.

The world doesn’t need to see perfect Christians.  It knows it can’t.  It needs to see us asking for forgiveness, trying to live a life of integrity, and needs to hear us speak more of our love for God than of this world.

If I am the biggest gossip in my office whom do I demonstrate that I love?

If I am the most dishonest employee do they see Christ?  Only if you admit it and ask forgiveness.

If my speech and behavior always comes back to the things of the world am I genuine in my faith?  I mean we should have to hold ourselves back because we want to talk about the most important thing in our life.  Yet, don’t we often freely join in worldly conversations.

Our world needs to see genuine Christians.  Please turn off the Christian music, and stop talking about the church, if you are the biggest problem at work.  The world sees your hypocrisy.

Remember Jesus ministry.  It’s simplicity.  Being a genuine believer and living a genuine life is in itself a big enough contrast to the world that they will see Christ.  They don’t need your music, and profession of religious goodness.

Show them a broken sinner in need of grace, who admits wrongs, asks for forgiveness, and is the most valuable employee.  They will see Christ.  Remember Jesus ministry.  There is no law or HR department that can legislate against living like Jesus.  Faith is who we are, and nothing can change that.

Show them Christ!

Marcy Pedersen

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