Ever since I decided to start a blog about serving God at work, home and in the community I have faced the most serious bouts of doubt.  It’s almost manic.  One moment I am on the mountaintop screaming, “God I trust you, do what you want with my life,” and the next day I am at the bottom of a pit and shout in anger, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me.”

Today was one of those days at work where you want to scream, “I don’t even like you people.  No I don’t care about what’s coming up because hopefully I will be long gone from here, and you know if I hear one more of your stories I am going to scream, and throw everything off my desk.”  I am supposed to write a blog about what?

Our Need for an Eternal Perspective

I am at home now.  It’s much calmer.  Writing eases my mind.  I can breath, oh yeah, until I check Face book and see a few posts from family members that get me going again, but breath, your time in the Word and in prayer is still coming up.  Remember you are living before the face of God, and everything you do is as unto Him.  I am humbled.  I doubt He is singing my praises among the saints tonight.

I need an eternal perspective.  I need to remember that our life on this earth is temporary.  All that matters is what lasts an eternity.  All that has true importance is how we love and serve God.  It’s not about spreadsheets, meetings, emails and documents.  It’s about serving a Holy God, and His Son Jesus Christ.

God calls us each to certain vocations, or stations in life.  Mine have included a stay at home mom, ministry leader, secular worker, and US sailor.  Each of these stations was my ministry.  They were the way that God called and used me to love my neighbor and serve Him with all my heart and soul.

An eternal perspective helps me to see things through God’s eyes.  I first see that my life and work have meaning, even when I don’t think they do.  If I am exactly where God wants me to be then He has a purpose for me there.  Remember Joseph.  God used Joseph when He was a slave to save a country.  He can use us to accomplish something that will have eternal results wherever we are.

An eternal perspective helps me to maintain a biblical perspective of challenges.  God promises that we will have trouble and that He will use it to make us more like Christ.  Today a co-worker exclaimed in front of a room of people that I was the favorite, and didn’t get extra work they did because I was the favorite.  I was angry.

This is the second time I have been accused of this.  This situation definitely gives me the opportunity to show grace, love and develop patience.  I reacted in anger.   How dare they accuse me!  These thoughts told me that I was overly concerned with self.  Not a very Christlike characteristic.  It also told me that I was not loving as Christ does.  He died for me when I hated Him, and I can’t stand being accused of being the favorite?

Tomorrow I must go to work and remember that I am in this world temporarily.  It’s not about work.  It’s about Jesus Christ.  It’s not about getting treated right.  It’s about glorifying God.  It’s not about building wealth.  It’s about making disciples of men.

To help us keep an eternal perspective we must read the Bible regularly and meditate on it.  We must spend time in serious prayer/conversation with God.  We must ensure that we do not forsake the assembly.  We need fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to help us through this thing called life.

Lord prepare us to serve you at work tomorrow, and help us to view all of life through Your eternal lens.

Seeking and savoring Christ,

Marcy Pedersen

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