About an hour into the work day it starts.  A few people share about their weekend, evening, or future plans.  All goes well and everyone gets back to work.  About an hour or so later the pitter patter of foot steps can be heard.  It has begun.

She goes to her cubicle.  He goes to hers.  They whisper, and sometimes even talk loudly, and then they are off to tell someone new what they have heard.  This goes on for the rest of the day.

Most days everyone is talking about everyone else.  Someone is upset and goes to another cubicle to share with their office neighbor what is going on.  I sit there.  Trying hard to mind my own business, and tune out the rumor mill.  Yet my eye catches a glimpse.  She is coming this way, and sure enough she says,

Marcy, did you hear what she said?  No I didn’t.  I am trying to keep to myself and do my work.  Well let me tell you.  Actually, I don’t need to hear it.  It doesn’t concern me or my work.  It actually upsets me if I know too many things about other people.  Especially things that I don’t need to know.

You might try talking to her about your problems, or a supervisor.  I think it’s best for everyone if we just keep things to ourselves.  If I can be of any help in any other way though let me know.  I smile and she walks on looking very confused.

Ephesians 4:15 states, “Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor.”

Gossip causes problems.  Speaking the truth solves them.  Gossip is like a drug.  You can’t get enough.  You want more information, and the more you get the more you want.  It’s not enough to have the information.  You have to share it.  Everyone just needs to know.

Truth solves problems. Truth resolves issues.  It stops the craving for more.  Because it solves problems it prevents any further discussion.  The problem is resolved.  What else is there to talk about?

Christians are to speak the truth in love.  We are commanded to do this.

One of the greatest ways to minister to others is to demonstrate how to live.  If we follow this command at work we are on our way to demonstrating Christ, and how to live out this command.  It will also help the morale in the workplace.

Part of our ministry is to fellow Christians.  If we speak the truth, and help stop gossip we will help them follow this command.  We can be an encouragement to our brother and sister, and we can teach them.  Perhaps they need help learning how to apply God’s truth to their daily lives.

It is very difficult to speak the truth in love, yet the church should be schooled in how to do it.  Right?  Aren’t we already used to speaking to fellow church members about issues?  We would never gossip about them?  Right.

Well, I believe we aren’t very good at doing this in the church which makes it difficult to do outside of the church.

I have to work hard every day to be ready to speak the truth in love.  Marcy, did you know what she said?  No, does it have to do with my work?  No.  Then I really don’t think I need to know.  It can be that simple.

If we ever want to have a deep discussion with people outside of work about Jesus Christ, we need to demonstrate a genuine relationship with Him, and practice what we want to preach.  People will notice that you are different, and that’s a good thing!  The Pharisees noticed Jesus was different.  He stood out.  Oh the mission field at work is ripe.  Start by simply speaking the truth, and putting a stop to office gossip.

Marcy Pedersen

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