With a View of Eternity

With Redemption in Mind

For the Sake of God’s People

Remembering the Heart Break of a Father

And the Daily Details of a Man’s Life

I sit at my desk.  Perplexed, frustrated, sad, hopeless, and depressed.  Why oh God, have you called me out of full time ministry to our community to work at a job where I do inventory.  I am not helping people.  I am not even in a customer service position.  How can you want me to be here?  Did I do something wrong?

I am in a career transition.  I was happy to leave full time ministry when God made it clear it was time to.  My husband and I have new goals and to help accomplish them I needed to start a new career that would give us increased income and mobility.

I have spent the past year and a half applying for jobs that I am interested in, reading articles, talking to a career coach, networking, applying to go back to get my MBA, and everything people do to land a great job.  Yet I am where I don’t want to be.

There are opportunities in my current position.  It often feels hopeless though.  As if the powers that be have total control over my life and career.  As if I am at their whim.  Waiting for them to act on my behalf.  Will I ever do more than what I am doing now?  Will I ever feel like I am impacting the lives of people?

The Story of Joseph Can Help

We are all familiar with the story of Joseph.  Joseph’s life is a prime example of how God allows others to carry out their evil plans, how God’s favor blesses us when that happens, and how God never stops working in the background to accomplish a greater purpose.

Joseph’s brothers:

  • Hated him
  • Hated him more
  • Hated him even more
  • Were jealous
  • Saw him
  • Conspired against him to kill him
  • Rescued him
  • Stripped him of his robe
  • Threw him into a pit
  • Sat down to eat while he was in the pit
  • Wished to sell him to make a profit from him
  • Sold him to the Ishmaelite’s

With a View of Eternity

With Redemption in Mind

For the Sake of God’s People

Remembering the Heart Break of a Father

And the Daily Details of a Man’s Life

The Lord was with Joseph:

  • He became successful.
  • His master understood the reason for his success.
  • Joseph found favor and became the overseer of his house.
  • The Lord blessed the house because of Joseph.
  • Showed him steadfast love.
  • Gave him favor in the sight of the prison keeper.
  • Joseph was in charge while in jail.
  • The keeper trusted Joseph, because the Lord was with him.

There is too much to mine out of the story of Joseph to put into one blog post, but for now let’s concentrate on the fact that God was working in the background.  God allowed Joseph’s brothers to carry out their evil plans, yet He was with Joseph.

God was also carrying out His plan for the nation of Israel, for the redemption of man through Jesus Christ, and was setting up a plan to save His people from the coming famine.  God was also working to help Jacob, a father who was broken hearted because he thought his son was dead.  God was also working in the details of Joseph’s life.

There was an overarching plan that was being carried out.  I am sure Joseph prayed and asked God to return him to his home.  I am sure he cried out to God to let him see his beloved father again.  I am sure that Joseph begged God to get him on another life/career path.  Yet Joseph would never return home while he was alive, and his life and career path were being watched and affected by God.

Genesis 50:20 states, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

Joseph understood that God was directing his path. He understood there was a bigger picture.  Of all the MANY things Joseph could have said to his brothers when he saw them again, this wouldn’t seem the most likely.  Yet Joseph had matured and came to understand that God directed His path, not man.

I may not get job interviews at places that seem like a good fit for me.  My boss may not deliver on a promise for promotion.  I may not get into the college of my choice.  God is with me, and though others seem to be in control of my life and career I know that’s not true.  I know that somehow God is in the background working like He did in Joseph’s life.

This gives me great hope!  I feel hopeless when I think my career relies solely on me and on others.  I have a great hope when I think it relies on God.  So I will continue to take action towards getting the job that I want and into a career that will help my husband and I accomplish our goals, but in the end I know that God directs my path, and He does so with an eternal view, for the sake of His glory, and for my good.

Praise God.

Marcy Pedersen

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