I started carrying two notebooks with me this year that I use as journals. One journal is for ideas. I don’t want to lose the ideas I get during the day so I write them down as they come along.

The second journal is a personal journal. In this journal I write down a hodge podge of things that might include: struggles that I have, things that I am learning, things I want to research, or words that define where I am at in my life right now.

This year I have worked hard to develop my creativity. This includes decorating my home, writing, sewing, and cooking. I am deliberately studying, learning and developing my creativitiy, and making the time to grow in this area.

During Sunday morning church services I began pulling out my journals and writing down what I learn from the sermon, and the verses the pastor uses. The longer I have done this the more I noticed something unexpected happened.

Ideas in Worship?

I noticed that when I was still and silent a stream of ideas would come over me. As I wrote down what I was learning from the sermon I also noted ideas that I would get for personal development, blog posts, and ways to make my home more beautiful for my family.

At first I felt guilty for having a stream of ideas during church service, but in time I have come to believe that since God made me in His image, as a creative, then being closer to Him during church would inevitably inspire me to create.

When I go to church on Sunday I go anticipating new ideas to come to my mind, confirmation of the creative path that I am on, and instruction for living. I look forward to pulling my journals out and writing down the inspiration I receive from the Holy Spirit.

We were made to create as our Father creates. We were made to express our creativity to edify the church, to enrich our lives, our families lives, and to bring beauty to the world.

God has given us a part of Himself, in the form of the Holy Spirit, to inspire us to create. If we are still, and listen carefully we will hear what He has to say and the flow of ideas will gush like a raging river.

All of our lives are as unto the Lord. So whatever ideas we get and creativity we embark on will be as unto the Lord whether that is painting a room, writing an essay, or cooking a meal.

God created many things in and outside of the church, and has equipped us to do the same. If we are still and listen we will tap into new areas of creativity, and access a stream of ideas that we may have never known existed.

Marcy Pedersen

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