Businesses make goals and determine what actions are needed to accomplish those goals. Businesses conduct extensive research to ensure that their goals will include delivering strategic value, or a products or service that meets the customers needs and achieves the businesses goals (Bateman and Snell, pg.13).

In Bateman and Snell’s textbook, Management, they recommend asking ourselves and our boss, “How can I add value?” They believe that answering this question will help our personal development, and “will boost our job performance and career.” (pg. 13).

When I read this I was struck by how well this question fits in with living out our faith. As Christians we are to be others focused by our new nature. Our marching orders tell us that we are to love our neighbor as ourself, and make disciples of men. Can’t we best accomplish this at work by asking how we can best serve others?

If we ask our boss how we can add value their answer may be much different then we expect. We may have a good understanding of what our job is, but no understanding of what our boss needs or what we can do that will add value to the company. Asking how we can add value takes the focus off of us, and our ideas, and puts it on others.

What my boss needs from me to add value may not be what I want to give, but as a servant of God I should have the motivation and power to think more of their needs than mine.

I want to lead, but my boss needs me to stay where I am and provide excellent administrative support.

I want to grow and move on, but my boss needs me to complete a project.

I want to attend trainings, but my boss needs help editing a large document.

Are we there to serve others, or just ourselves?

As Christians we have an amazing opportunity to demonstrate how different life is with Christ. We can show people what a life looks like that is led by God, and controlled by the Holy Spirit.

When the world is busy sucking out everything they can from their boss, we can shine bright by doing everything we can to give to our boss.

Others may be wasting the bosses time with petty office drama, but we can we busy providing our boss support by completing tasks that no none else wants to complete.

My boss asked me once if I wanted to move to a new opportunity. My mind quickly thought, Yes! Get me out of here. I am ready to go, but I hesitated and said, “I wouldn’t mind moving to a new position, but only if it helps you.” You should have seen the look on her face. Someone was actually thinking of her before themselves.

My boss knows that I am a Christian. She is not attending church right now. If I can put her before my own needs think about how God can use that to minister to her. Perhaps she will think more of God, and of the church, and consider attending again.

If I look like everyone else what good is my God, and my church?

How can we add value? This question would make a great journal entry, and goal for 2017. Our job and career will take on new meaning when it is focused on fulfilling the great commission, and at the same time helping the organization achieve it’s goals.

Let’s help our employer achieve success! With God everything is possible.

Marcy Pedersen

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