I wanted to share a few suggestions when preparing to apply for a job. I picked this up from working in a HR department, and seeing many applications and resumes come through our department.

1. Email. It is VERY true when they say that you need a professional email when applying for jobs. I suggest not using numbers or using _ or -. Use your name or as close to it as you can. It looks professional and stands out.
2. Email, Linked IN, or Indeed.com picture. I have also read that it is best to have a professional picture taken to use on social media. I didn’t believe it until I saw pictures that are associated with peoples email accounts. It is quite amusing to get an email from someone wanting a professional job who has a picture that looks like they just woke up or left a party.
3. Font & Font size. I don’t know that there is a “right” font and size to use, but ensure that your font size is big enough for people to easily read. If someone has to take too much time to read your application it may get overlooked. If you aren’t applying for a job in a creative field then just keep it simple.
4. Application. If the companies website says you can apply or send a resume do both. If you apply for more than one position edit your resume to fit each position and apply for both separately. If you try to cut corners during the application process it starts things off with a bad vibe. Take the time to apply for each position, and use all available tools to apply. They are posting the application for a reason, use it.
5. Why should I keep applying? Apparently 64 people applied for my last job that I was chosen for. I had no idea I was competing against 64 people. You never know if 20 have applied or 120. Keep applying even if you are rejected for one position. I applied at my last employer many times. If I saw a position that I felt qualified for I applied. Being on the other side of things I see now that that was a wise choice. No one thinks bad of people who keep trying.

From what I know of the hiring process all I can say is that we must trust God in the process. We should do all we can to pursue and get the job of our dreams, but we must remember that in the end God is working through the entire process to get us where He wants us.

This has to be true! I applied for jobs on a continuous basis for over two years, and suddenly at the right time, I ended up at the right place. After two years I can see what God was doing and am thankful for the wait, but it doesn’t mean I should have tried any less, or neglected learning all I could about getting a job.

Marcy Pedersen

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