The head of the department is so busy, overwhelmed and flustered all of the time. I asked if I could help in anyway. I have the time and would like to lessen her load. She said, yes, I have something you can help me with.

I waited with anticipation of what great project I could help her with. I even day dreamed how this project might help me get ahead in the organization, yeah I have quite the imagination at times. She came in and said, can you email a few people, call two, and get some passes for me.

My heart sank.

Then I remembered that my true goal in life as a Christian is to love and serve others. I truly want to lighten the load for my boss so if this accomplished that then it was important work.

Unglamorous work is important work.

1. This type of work defined Jesus ministry. Jesus did perform miracles, but He also worked through the mundane activities of life. He loved people who weren’t important, He helped people who others hated, He ate dinner with people, talked to people and supported His friends.
2. Mixed with a heart to glorify God all work is important. It is done in His sight, and for Him. It’s eternally important.
3. It’s part of kingdom work. Sacrificing to help others is a sign we are God’s faithful followers. It’s done to minister to others, and is a part of winning others to Christ. Why does she help me with such mundane things?
4. Without it we can’t achieve goals. I can’t run a business without spreadsheets, files, phone calls, binders, and the most simplest of office procedures. It’s important that those things are done and done well.

We are living and working to please God. What is important is defined by Him, not social media, co-workers, or career guru’s. What you do matters no matter how unglamorous that may be.

You haven’t arrived when you have a million followers on Twitter. You haven’t arrived when they hold a banquet in your honor. You haven’t arrived when your name is in lights.

You have arrived now. What you do everyday is important if it’s done as unto God.

You are doing a great job, keep it up.

Marcy Pedersen

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