Psalm 127:1 tells us that “all our plans, all of our efforts, and all of our prudence is of no avail unless God prospers those means.”

I might read this and get a nice good feeling about life. I might smile, and acknowledge in my heart that God rules, and that I need to entrust Him with my plans.

A forty minute car ride to work, a 8:00 am. meeting, and a room full of stress and people who probably hate me, and I quickly turn into a practical atheist. Who is God? I am not sure I even know. That good feeling passed an hour ago. I am at work now.

I wonder though how quickly we might run to God if we were fired today? If we were accused of something we didn’t do? If we faced a challenging situation? Would we not run to God, begging for His help and mercy.

I stand alone in the middle of a large corporate building. We make widgets and sell them to make a profit. We are busy managing all of the processes to make widgets, and the people that make them. What does God have to do with this?

Nothing right. Church is on Sunday, religion doesn’t fit in the workplace, and I have work to do. I will remember God later. Besides no one else cares about God.

All, of our plans.
All, of our efforts.
All, of our prudence.
is of no avail.
unless, God.

People succeed in great ways without the acknowledgement of God. I myself have made many plans, without a thought about God. I have even had great success without ever praying, or committing them to the Most High.

So why start now?

Because I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
Because His Word is a guide to my life.
Because my job is to glorify God. Make Him look good, and that is accomplished when I take Him at His word, believe and do what He says, see Him work in my life and acknowledge it.

God works and prospers when we don’t pray, or acknowledge His efforts. He isn’t waiting for us before He acts. What if we simply acknowledge that we need Him to prosper our plans, mold them, and bring them to completion. Will He not be glorified? Will we not be closer to Him?

If the Psalm is right then why are we not on our knees praying for our company, and it’s employees, and begging God to prosper our efforts? Is God so far away from our meeting? Can He be kept in the corner we put Him in or are we simply choosing to ignore His presence in our daily life?

Marcy Pedersen

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