If I am connected to the living God then that just makes everything different.  Right?  It really does, or it should.

If I am really connected with the living God I am connected to someone who empowers me with His Spirit.  We are constantly connected.  There is no where I can go where He isn’t with me.  Nowhere.  Annoying and comforting at the same time.

If I am really connected with the living God then I have His Son who is interceding on my behalf.  That is Jesus Christ.  So while we are down here busy with social media, godless living, mindless living, in the midst of trial and messes He intercedes.

If I am really connected with the living God then I have His Word as my guide and teacher.  It’s like no other book.  Where is the movie on this one? Is there not something mystical and powerful about the living Word of God?  A book that has the power to change lives.  I want to watch that movie.  Instead.  Let’s live it.

A Bad Day

The alarm goes off.  I am reminded that I am not where I want to be in life.  Here we go.  Feed the animals, make coffee, clean up the kitchen, pick out my clothes, iron, shower and rush off to work.  I can’t wait to spend another day in the last place I ever want to be.

I walk in.  Yeah.  Better praise God for my job.  Thank you God.  Unemployment would definitely not be better than this.  I dwell all day on my mid-life career and life crisis.  Actually all week and for the past two years.  Why don’t you just read your Bible?  I am.  It’s a process not magic, right?

I engage and then don’t.  I see opportunity but then am confused.  I apply for jobs when no one is looking.  What am I supposed to do with my life?  Perhaps it’s because I was in ministry for seven years and every moment was spent helping others.  Perhaps it’s the reality that I am just like everyone else.  Ministry made me feel special.  Grinding through the 9-5 makes me feel loathsome.

Is this job the problem or my attitude?  Will everything get better when the circumstances change, or when the magic of Scripture happens and my heart changes?

A Good Day

The alarm goes off.  I am reminded I am not where I want to be in life, but I understand that God is doing something through my journey.  I see His humbling hand molding and changing me.  I see Him trying to give me rest.  Marcy, I know this job isn’t challenging, but right now your life is.  Will you trust me?  Yes, Lord I trust you.

I read the Scriptures and during the day my thoughts and heart start to change.  I start to get clarity.  It’s not directly related to the verse I read, but the Word working through me is making things clear.  I am starting to rise above.  Nothing at work has changed.  I am still doing the same thing I did yesterday.  Still in the same place in life, yet everything has changed.  I have a vision that supersedes circumstances.  A vision of God.  A delight in His Son.  A sweetness from His Spirit.

I have always thought that the beauty of knowing Christ was in the way that He changes everything by changing me.  He has a way of transforming the mundane, the pain, the grief and confusion and making it into something beautiful.  He has a way of making the circumstances seem unimportant.  He has a way of getting us to realize that we need a heart and attitude change.  When that changes so does our view of the world.

Every day is a good day to rely on God.  To seek Him and let Him change our view of life.

Every day is a good day when we see it through Christ.  When we let His Word permeate our souls.  There is no magic to it.  No quick fixes, but through the process God will create something beautiful.

And yes.  Today I am thankful I am not where I want to be.  I am thankful when the answer to the prayer is no and when I get to see God change my attitude.  It is then I know Christ’s intercessory prayer was answered.  At the moment I don’t care if I ever move on from this point in my life is exactly the moment it will all change.  I can’t wait.  My heart is ready now for what God will do later.

Marcy Pedersen




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