He walked into our office with a smile. He walks into the office everyday with a smile. Everyday.

He is accomplished but in a position that is beneath him. He is wise yet humble. He is smart yet listens. He is mature, knowledgeable and finishing up a career in a job that offers less responsibility and the ability to do an aspect of his work that he loves.

He has been in the marketplace long enough that he has learned the key to it all. This seasoned professional tackles entry level work just as he would managerial work. He does this by incorporating who he is into everything he does. The task might change, but he doesn’t. He knows who he is and is that person on a regular basis. This gives him purpose in his work. The work doesn’t define him, he defines the work.

I am a_____, not a _______

I am a MBA student, preparing to start an internship in my late 40’s (also known as close to 50), a mother, writer, wife and chaplain for a local business. My dream is to write, consult and teach. I devour books, am a foodie, love to travel, exercise, cook and enjoy spending time with my family.

I am a servant of God. I am a sinner. I am forgiven. I am tempted and over come. I am bathed in grace. I serve. I love and am loved. I follow. Someone died for me. Someone intercedes for me. Someone enables me.

We must keep in mind who we are. If we incorporate who we are into our life and work then it won’t matter what we do or where we do it. We will define what we do. We will not be defined by what we do.

Dr. C. Moore states in his book, From Failure to Promise, that “while selling shoes, I kept in mind that I was still a student on the path to becoming an engineer” (2014). Dr. Moore failed out of college and had to move back home to face his family and figure out what to do to become the engineer he dreamed of becoming.

Many of us are not where we want to be in life and work for many reasons. Yet we are not defined by our job. I am not an intern. I am a MBA student on the way to becoming a writer, teacher and consultant. The internship is simply a step to help me get there. I am also a servant of God and everything in my life has purpose. As does everything in your life.

You are amazing. You are not your job. You are a unique creation of God. Who you are is what defines you. Be that person everywhere you go. When you do success will always follow.

Marcy Pedersen

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