My Journey


For reasons unknown to me God called me to serve as the Executive Director of a para-chuch ministry for seven years.  He used me as a change agent to help the ministry change and grow so we could provide more services and help more people.

When you serve in full time ministry you often tout that as your badge of honor.  “I” am in full time ministry.  The Christian world supports our pride because many put ministry on a pedestal.  It’s something special we do at special times.

God made it clear to me that I was to leave the nonprofit and start a new career that would help my husband and I accomplish our new goals.  I did that and found myself lost and confused as I navigated a career transition and mourned the loss of helping people on a full time basis.

Then I remembered….

I remembered something that has given me new purpose for my life.  I remembered Coram Deo.  The idea that we live under the gaze of God.  Our entire lives are a life of ministry to others.  Our secular work, our home and our service to our community are all ways that we love our neighbor and serve God with all our heart and soul.

In fact if we live like this I am betting that we can make a greater impact than any one nonprofit.  I believe that Jesus ministry was a Coram Deo type of ministry.  He didn’t minister just on Sunday’s or when He was at the local nonprofit.  He ministered throughout His entire life.

“This means that if a person fulfills his or her vocation as a steelmaker, attorney, or homemaker Coram Deo, then that person is acting every bit as religiously as a soul-winning evangelist who fulfills his vocation.” RC Sproul

Equipping You To Serve Others…..God’s Way

I want to help you minister to others, serve God and glorify Him at work.

I want to help you do business God’s way.  To lead and follow God’s way.

I want to help you integrate biblical principles with business and ethical principles.

We are light in the darkness.  We are a beacon of hope and change.  We have the opportunity everyday to demonstrate God to a lost world.  That my friends, is ministry.

Welcome.  I hope that through me and through you God will do amazing things!


Marcy Pedersen